Intruder Alert


This world may be getting crazier as the days go by, but provisions are being made to combat the dangers. You could be enjoying a safe evening with your family or by yourself and an intruder approaches your doorstep. What would they want, to possibly force their ways in your home to steal your valuables or harm you and your family? Or even worse it could possibly be that person who you have been avoiding all week and now they want to talk. But you don't. So, what do you do to not seem so obvious that you do not want to be bothered?

Invest in best peephole camera!

What is a Peephole Camera?

This is a discreet camera that you can install on your front entrance to your home. It is Wi-Fi compatible to link with your smartphone, tablet or laptop device. There are three main types of this camera that one can purchase. And back to being discreet, of course, we all know that a person can clearly see the camera on the doorbell or right next to it. But what they will not know is if you are home or not. Utilizing the motions sensors, knocking sensor, two-way communications, recording, and picture taking functions you will be able to see the person. Yes, that is correct you will be able to see the person, but they cannot see you. So, this means no tiptoeing to the peephole or window risking the chance that they might hear you and know that you are home. No mission impossible acrobatics needed. And if it is an intruder of danger you can be alerted and take necessary actions before things get out of hand.

Different Cameras offer Different functions, Shop around the site.

  • Answer Door from Anywhere
  • Night Infrared
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Motion Activated
  • Low Light Functions
  • Alarm Functions
  • Records and more

Why Should I invest?

This is one of the most convenient inventions since the telephone. Alongside the Peephole camera, there is Smoke Detector Cameras Available as well. These work as a perfect spy camera for babysitters and house sitters or if you have left your teenagers at home alone for an extended period. You can Stop the house party before it begins.